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Travelling soon?


Consider getting Travel Insurance, especially if you are going to travel with your kids. Even if you are visiting your home country, if your kids are born in Canada, they will not be insured under your home country law.

Having family or friends coming to Canada? You should buy Travel insuance for them from a Canadian Insurance Company, the coverage amounts are higher ( up to $150,000 coverage), it covers them while transiting through other countries, include an "outside Canada travel" ( if you like to take them to Mexico for ex, they are covered). Also, if the insurance company is in Canada, it is easier to deal with a claim than a claim in the home country ( distance, language, papers to be translated, paying  medical expenses from your own pocket while waiting for the insurance company in a foreign country to approve it ...not to mention that you may not have $50,000 to pay upfront. Why that much? One day in a Canadian hospital, for a foreigner , is at least $5,000!).

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