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Testimonial from Simona and Manu S.



You did it again! And again highly professionally!

Thank you for all your professional support in the process of selling our house.

It was very important for us to assess correctly the house price in the current real estate market … we’ve learned that having the real price will make the house saleable. Also, the financial advice you gave us is priceless!

Thank you for helping us with the house staging… you put great ideas and effort into making the house into a home, and make sure it has an  appealing state to the highest number of potential buyers . You really wanted to  make sure selling the house  more swiftly and for more money!

Having all set up along with your negotiations advice, we felt confident about going forward with the whole process. Communication is a strong key in any relationship, and you proved yourself being an excellent mediator.

As we were very satisfied when buying the house with you, we are also very happy with the finalization of the selling process.

Thank you.


Simo & Manu S. ( sold their property in Cranston on August 14th 2015)