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Fire in McKenzie Towne

Such a scary moment, when a big fire anounced the other day in McKenzie Towne! I live and work in the area, and just the thought of the surroundings being disrupted by a fire is mind blowing, as you never think that it may happen so close to home. I like to go jogging around the pond every other day, and many times i stopped admiring the serenity of the water, the sunset or just the people passing by, unintrerupted, going by their business.

Now all you can see( or think) are the burned condos on one side of the street, and brand new ones on the other side. So sad...

This is a waking up moment for me, reminding me once again about the vulnerability that we face,and that the proximity to each other and the density of the houses must be revised once again by the city and developers.

As for now, I will be grateful that the fire was 2 blocks away from my home, but still think that some measures must be taken for the future.