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Calgary distroyed by flooding

I never thought that I would live to see the day that Calgary will be under the state of emergency due to severe flooding..

I went to see my doctor today and I could not stop crying all the way home, seeing all the devastation. I live in McKenzie Towne, not affected by the flooding. However, many roads are closed, downtown is under water, Princess Island Park under water, all around Stampede, McKenzie golf course dissapeared under waters.
Highway to Canmore is closed, High River is totally under water..Redwood Meadows being evacuated as 1 hour ago..

Today is the first day there are news about 7 people missing, but no deaths until now.

Water is so close to Deerfoot Trail, the main highway, and is expected to close later today. La Farge is flooded, truck taken by the water and roads in and out. Impossible to get any sand out, to help others.

Heartbreaking..heartbeaking..I pray the rain will stop and waters start to recede. 100,000 are evacuated, many lost their homes and their life memories...

Pray with me....